Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beads jewelry

Моята нова страст - бижута от мъниста.
Тази огърлица е направена от 2 мм японски мъниста Тохо - 25г  прозрачен кристал, 3 г кристал със сребърна нишка и 5 г аметист със сребърна нишка.

Amethyst embrace /Аметистова прегръдка


My new passion - beads jewelry. I made this necklace with 2 mm round Toho beads. I used    25g transparent crystal, 3g   silver-crystal and 5g silver- lined amethyst.

I made this necklace with 2 mm round Toho beads. I used    25g transparent crystal,10g   silver-crystalр 5g silver- lined amethyst dark and light ones.

Blue radiance /Синьо сияние

For this bracelet I used 94 blue crystal 4 mm  bicones, 2 bicones 6 mm and 5g   silver-crystal 2mm. 

За тази гривна съм използвала 94 броя  сини кристали с   диамантена форма - 4 мм, 2 броя сини кристали с диамантена форма- 6 мм  /за двата края/ и 2мм Тохо мъниста - 5г кристал със сребриста нишка.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I made this for a cardiologist. Size a lil bit more than A4.
I used 6 mm strips.

The work process:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rose love

I made just a half of the heart because we are not completed without the person we love. 
Love comes and makes our life colorful... 
And everyone can finish the sentence Because U ... as they feel it:
Because U ...are my whole world.
 Because U ...are my life.
Because U ...are the better part of me.
 Because U ... are the best of me.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Egyptian scarab

They ordered me to quill something Egyptian ... so I used a pic shown down as a base. I wated to make scarab 3D and for this I used a ball to quill scarab body on it. I used 2mm,3mm and 4mm strips, golden paint and some pearls.