Sunday, August 10, 2014

Old furniture - new vision

Well I decided to change my daughter's room furniture with decoupage, cracle and stencils - It is my first attempt with such tectures so please be merciful.

Hеre are the steps:

1. First scratch the smooth surface with sandpaper, then remove all dust with some dry soft cloth:

2. Second - apply the medium paste for good cohesion.Wait to dry.

3. Aplly the first acrylic paint you decide to use in your project with one way moves only.Wait to dry.
4. Aplly amply the crackle paste perpendicularly to the direction you have used for painting other wise cracks will be longitudinal  not crossing ones. As much paste u apply as deep and bigger will be the cracks. Wait to dry totally.

5. Apply the second paint which has to be contrast to the first one. I apply thick layer of paint - and then with wet sponge I take up some of it till I decide it is enough the surface to look like wood one :P

For applying paints you can use brush,sponge or fingers - it depeneds on the effect you want to achieve.

 The door polish is still drying :P 

6. Using the stencil with a motive you have choosed, sticking it to the surface I apllied a crystal paste - as an instrument you can use knife, spatula or a plastic card as I did :D. After drying paint it as you wish and final accent is some metal acrylic paint as gold, or silver, or copper on the edges -I mixed copper and silver for my idea.

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