Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bottle decoupage tutorial

Because many of my friends here asked me to show how did I make this bottle and inspite I m quite new in decoupage I ll try to explain.
1. First step is to remove all original labels from the bottle very clearly and dry it.
2. Second step - If  you wanna stick ur own labels prepare them /I used distress inks shown on the pic below/ in advance and fully spread a glue on the back side of the label. I use PVA glue+lil water to make it more liquid and to make paper label wet. Then apply the label on the bottle and cover it with this glue again trying to remove all airy bubbles behind the label, starting always from the centre to the ends of label. Wait all this to dry fully.
3. Third step: Cover the whole bottle with "Medium" - it is some kind of liquid which is a lil bit adhesive /it is white color but when dry becomes transparent/. This is absolutely necessary to apply on the bottle before next step because the glass is quite smooth and the plaster will not stick on it tightly otherwise. Wait to dry again.

4. Forth step - Apply with a knife or spatula the plaster in any form you wish - wait to dry. I wait more than 12 hours between steps to be sure all has dried.

5. Fifth step - Apply the plaster with a nozzle ended plastic bottle from already used hair dye in such shapes and curves as you want. Again dry procedure.

6. Sixth step: Cover all plaster areas with black acrylic paint - wait to dry again :) I use a piece of sponge for this.

7. Seventh step: Cover some areas with silver or gold or any old looking paint to achieve this ancient metal look. Drying again and again

8. Final step: Polish whole bottle twice or even 3 times /I use water based varnish for wood/- so that's it.

Stuffs I used:


  1. This is a very good tutorial, many thanks xxx !

    1. I don''t know if it is good because it is my first one, but if something is not clear I ll try to explain :P :D. Thanks, ADA!

  2. superb... u explain everything very clearly.... thank you

  3. Thank you for introducing me to a new technique, Daniela! I love the metallic finish on the bottle! I remember seeing when you posted the first one on FB and I was wondering how it was made. Thank you so much for sharing this!